$10 million for Chris Brown and Rihanna for sing to the birthday of the president of one of the poorest states in the world.

Posted on janvier 4, 2013


Chris Brown, Rihanna, Koras, Hamed Bakayoko, Alassane Ouattara and the drama of Plateau (Abidjan)!
Everything begins when the promoter of the Koras, Mister Ernest Adjovi contacts the circle of acquaintances of Chris Brown for a double concert in Abidjan within the framework of the celebration of the African music.
The event is funded at $ 1 billion CFA francs by the Ivorian government and the stamp of the young wolf of American music rises to 500 million francs for these two shows:
The performance at the stadium Félix Houphouët Boigny and at the ceremony of the Kora at the Hotel Ivory.
– The birthday of Ouattara and his giftThe koras this year coincide with the anniversary of the Ivorian regime leader Alassane Ouattara who was born January 1 to Dimbokro. Hamed Bakayoko, his Home Secretary in delicacy with his boss since a few weeks because of the gift of 12 millions to policemen who had brought down the presumed hold-up men (This donation had indeed raised a big thole in the national opinion and international – the famous Pan-African magazine Jeune Afrique had dedicated it a loud article) sees a way to be forgiven his blunder knowing his mentor very attracted to this kind of worldliness.
Contact is made with the artist to schedule a private party. But in addition to Chris Brown, Hamed Bakayoko wishes the presence of Rihanna’s the girlfriend of the artist who is internationally known for her hit songs. The deal was concluded: Chris Brown will attend the anniversary of Alassane Ouattara with his girlfriend Rihanna for a stamp of $ 10 million – we do not invent about the amount and this is verifiable on this American website wich relays information about the private concert even if he does not specify the customer .whom he invited 800 prestigious guests in very high-end sea resort of Assinie, situated in 80 km of Abidjan.

– The fiasco of Koras, the anniversary of the chief and the tragedy of Plateau

Koras ceremony held on Ivorian soil is a fiasco. The Ivory Coast government which strongly politicized this cultural event by selling it as a means  » to reposition Ivory Coast  » on the international stage has only the eyes to cry. The Ivorians, as if they had passed the word had boycott the event not only because of the exorbitant price of admission tickets, but also because they believe that it is not an adequate response to the daily problems they have to face. The African artists such as Patience Dabany who came for the event, return home without having participated denouncing the postponement of the date due to Chris Brown’s delay. The Stadium Felix Houphouet Boigny in spite of the wantonness decreed late in the evening to refuel remains desperately empty. The concert Hall of the Hotel Ivory is sparse and the worst humiliations, Chris Brown does not put their feet. This does not, however, stain the determination of » African » billionaire who wants to please to his chief as in feudal times.
It is in the gaiety that Alassane Ouattara and his guests spend the night of 31 December 2012 between the melodies of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s sexy swayed hips while Ivorians are invited to a giant firework in the municipality of Plateau by the district of Abidjan. Obsessed by the success of the party of the head of state, Hamed Bakayoko, the Minister of the Interior  » will forget » to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of many Ivorians who have made the trip that night.

– And the drama occurs …

Consequence of the lightness of the interior minister, Ivorians are stunned on the morning of January 1st to learn that 60 people have died in a « jostling » when fireworks at Plateau which also have entrainés 200 wounded persons. It is the sadness within the population for whom the lack of seriousness that the Ouattara government grants for their safety is difficult to explain. Meanwhile, no action is taken at the top of the state. On the contrary the regime promises two fireworks for next year perhaps with Madonna on the anniversary of the Great Leader. While the Ivorian cry their deaths, and notice the increase price of fuel and butane gas, Chris Brown leaves Abidjan with his beautiful Rihanna aboard a private jet chartered by « the African billionaire » within the scope of 13h GMT with 10 million.